Art Supplies- Mindy Newman

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Watercolor Class

Watercolor Tubes Preferred

Cadmium Red Light Hue
Cadmium Yellow Hue
Ultramarine Blue
Alizarin Crimson
Yellow Ochre
Pthalo Blue
Permanent Green
Paynes Gray
 (Approx. $2.00 per tube)

Watercolor Palettes need to be LARGE with lots of mixing space and not just shallow pans! 
Spend about $10-20 on the palette because you will never regret it! 
Ask me if you want more information.

Pencils, 2B and Pink Pearl Erasers

2 Sheets, 22" x 30" Watercolor Papers, 100% Cotton, #140 and Cold Press
(Arches, Fabriano, Strathmore,Richeson,Saunders, Winsor Newton)  
Approx. $12. Do not trust a student grade watercolor paper! 
It buckles, balls and tears in the process.

Brushes These should be "great" quality brushes so you can control it.
They can last 25 years so, it's a great investment, and it will give you years of pleasure.
Never get a cheap, camel hair brush. They will be annoying and useless. 
Hairs in the painting for example is not fun. 
Ask for a brush that has lots of spring and sharp pointed ends, and a firm ferrel.
Imatation Sables are the best, by far!
#0, #4, #6 Round and and 1/2" Flats
I plan on about $5.00 per brush on adverage.

Odds and Ends around the House
(These are freebies that you probably already have at home!)
Masking Tape
a waterproof, 11" x 14", large, light weight drawing surface
paper towels
salt in a shaker (35 mm containers or pill bottles)
Saran Wrap strip about 2 foot
At least a 1 pint water container, like a plastic,milk jug- No little paper cups please!
A back pack or travel suit case to put in your supplies. 

Drawing Classes

Drawing Stomps, Small, Medium and Large
Sand Paper
Pink Pearl
Prisma Blender Pencil
Scotch Tape
Bond Paper Sketch Book (small)
2H, 2B, 4B, and 6B Prof. Drwing Pencils
Kimberly Graphic sticks if you wish to subsitute
Ebony Pencil
Black Fine  and Reg. Point Sharpie
Prismacolor Pencil 12 set
1 Sheet of 100% Rag Drawing Paper, 19" x 24" - Gray tone

Soft Pastel and Watercolor - Rembrant soft pastels plus watercolor list above.
Colored Pencil and Watercolor - Prisma Pencil Set plus watercolor list above.
Pen and Watercolor Sharpies Fine, Ultra Fine and Regular Black and 
                                    watercolor list above.