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Mindy Newman's Art Classes 2019
Franklin Park Conservatory, 2018
  16" x 20"      Watercolor - Mindy Newman

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1945 Ridgeview (Off Tremont)
Upper Arlington, Ohio 43227
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Classes are only $10 per class
Classes are every Tuesday 1-3 PM Walk Ins Welcome!
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Pears - 2009 A quick exercise used in Mindy's class sometimes
7" x 12" Watercolor - Mindy Newman
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Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
1777 E. Broad Street 
Columbus, OH 43203


4 Week Summer Gardens Watercolor Series Series 2580 per class 2583
Led by artist Mindy Newman
Saturdays, July 6, 13, 20, 27; 1-3pm; $65/$60 per series, $20/$18 per class
Maximum employees: 2, $42 series, $12 drop-in

They are not only beautiful but they are so beneficial to vegetable gardens. They attract hummingbirds and are a favorite of the monarch butterfly. The watercolor classes are for beginners and advanced people. There is a bit of drawing. This class will be observing a demonstration before doing under five-minute painting to loosen us up, as well as some tight realistic works.
Saturday, July 6; 1-3pm; $20/$18
Class Location: EP

Larkspur is a stalky plant that is poisonous but it also used for respiratory problems. They come in many colors, however, we will be limited to only three colors. The class will have prints available and demonstrations as to how to draw them before applying the thin washes of paint.
Saturday, July 13; 1-3pm; $20/$18
Class Location: EP

Hydrangea has many health benefits while being a bush filled with creamy white bundles of small flowers. This class with enjoy saving the white paper while creating the flora. Light drawing and demonstrations along with prints of the hydrangeas will be provided.
Saturday, July 20; 1-3pm; $20/$18
Class Location: EP

Honeysuckle is going to paint in macro close up. We’ll be using the pale greens and light blue violets and contrasting them with sunlight yellow.
Saturday, July 27; 1-3pm; $20/$18
Class Location: EP

3 Week Hummingbird and Plants Watercolor Series Series 2581 per class 2582
Saturdays, August 17, 24, 31; 1-3pm; $50/$45 per series, $20/$18 per class
Maximum employees: 2, $32 series, $12 drop-in

Bee Balm 
Bee Balm and Hummingbird will be a colorful discovery, of the play between shapes and colors. Prints will be used to compose an interesting composition, creativity rearranged by the student. Before the drawing begins, the instructor will demonstrate how to draw the hummingbird and bee balm. She will also provide individual attention to beginners. It will be a joyful class.
Saturday, August 17; 1-3pm; $20/$18
Class Location: Meeting Room A

Columbine and Hummingbirds are explored in this class with the transparent versus the opaque qualities of light and shadow. Prints, demonstrations and individual help provided by the instructor. Prints will be used as a reference.
Saturday, August 24; 1-3pm; $20/$18
Class Location: Meeting Room A

Hollyhock and Hummingbirds are our inspiration today as we build up that stop-action view of the bird in flight before the hollyhock. Easy to follow demonstrations on how to draw this flower and bird. Prints provided. A new technique in the use of saran wrap will be shared.
Saturday, August 31; 1-3pm; $20/$18
Class Location: Meeting Room A