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Mindy Newman's Art Classes 2017
Franklin Park Conservatory, 2006
  16" x 20"      Watercolor - Mindy Newman


1945 Ridgeview (Off Tremont)
Upper Arlington, Ohio 43227
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Classes are only $10 per class
Classes are every Tuesday 1-3 PM Walk Ins Welcome!
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Pears - 2009 A quick exercise used in Mindy's class sometimes
7" x 12" Watercolor - Mindy Newman
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Here is an example of a lesson 

Playing with Wet into Wet
Mindy Newman © 2017

Using a pencil on grid to your watercolor paper, begin to draw the same shape over and over. If you wish to may a project of it, use themes, such as orchids, tropical leaves, you can later. But just for now, keep it an exercise and use a circle, square or triangle. 
Use as many squares in your grid as you like, starting from 6, 8, 10, etc. 

This is to allow you time to explore the beauty of 
Wet in Wet techniques. 

Here are some Tips on this Process
1.Make a thick and thin wash. Drop thick into thin and vices a versa. 
2.Make a large amount of three basic colors
3.Change your brush to clear water reverse flows 
4.Avoid brush strokes by touching with the tip of the brush onto the wet paper. 
5.Leave some paper whites
6.Don’t over work the paper in one area. Let it dry. 
7.Move around the paper to allow drying to occur. 
8.Try mixing on the paper in opposite colors, analogous color, and finally tertiary colors. 
9.Create some neutrals on the palette by mixing opposite colors. 
10.Try dry brushing under and over the wet into wets. 

Watercolor Spring Lilies (Four-Week Series) 2017

APRIL 1, 8, 22, 29, 1–3 PM

Learn to wield watercolors while painting Tiger lilies, Daffodils, Day Lilies and Easter Lilies. 

New to watercolor? Take the first class to receive step-by-step instruction and use supplies provided by instructor.

 For full series participants, please bring your own supplies (list on website). 

Demonstrations and prints available.

$60, $50 for members (four-week series)
$20, $18 for members (per class)